Do You Owe the IRS More Than You Can Afford to Pay?

If you owe the IRS more money than you can afford to pay, you have options. The first step toward turning your financial situation around is to contact a knowledgeable tax attorney. At the Law Office of Howard Lazarus, P.C., we have significant experience helping individuals and businesses resolve their unpaid taxes and a strong track record of obtaining successful outcomes.

No matter how dire you think your situation is, Howard is here to help you through it and get you on a path to a better financial future.

Howard Lazarus practices law with a focus on integrity, quality and optimal results.

Offers in Compromise

An offer in compromise is a settlement proposal drafted by a taxpayer and his or her attorney and sent to the IRS for their approval. The agreement is based on an understanding that the debtor will never be able to fully pay off the full tax debt amount. In order for the IRS to approve an offer in compromise, the debtor must typically demonstrate financial hardship and be willing to pay one bulk amount toward the debt owed. In some cases, a payment plan can be arranged. Attorney Howard Lazarus can help you determine if you are a good candidate for an offer in compromise and assist you in drafting the proposal.

Eagan Tax Settlement Lawyer

We are skilled at negotiating with the IRS and we will work to arrive at a settlement plan that is feasible for you. If you are dealing with IRS penalties, accumulated interest, tax liens or levies, we will work to have them forgiven. Because Howard Lazarus is not only an attorney but also a skilled accountant who works with a team of financial experts, we are able to look at each client’s entire financial picture and arrive at customized, feasible solutions.

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