Protecting You From the IRS

When the IRS believes that an individual or a business has not paid the taxes it is owed, the agency will attempt to collect the money through force by means of tax liens and levies. A tax lien or levy is placed on personal and real property and filed by the IRS through the Register of Deeds in your county. The IRS may also utilize levies to garnish money from a taxpayer’s wages or bank accounts.

If you have received a letter from the IRS stating that you owe money, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

If there is already a tax levy or lien on your property, our skilled team can step in, analyze your situation and provide you with trusted counsel. At the Law Office of Howard Lazarus, P.C., we are known for our ethical and innovative approach to tax matters, and we draw upon a wealth of knowledge in this complex field.

Resolving Your Tax Problems

Attorney Howard Lazarus has helped countless Minnesotans resolve their tax problems. He will explore all options to avoid a lien or levy and to resolve allegations of delinquent tax filings, including negotiations with IRS. In some cases, a feasible repayment plan called an offer in compromise can be negotiated.

Many former clients attest to our efficient, reliable service. After resolving their immediate issues, our firm often continues to provide financial guidance for clients on an ongoing basis in collaboration with Full Circle Financial Systems, Inc.

Eagan Attorney Handling Garnishment, Liens and Levies

A tax lien or levy can have devastating effects on your credit score and your ability to sell your home. If your wages are garnished, you may struggle to pay your bills and your mortgage, and to maintain your lifestyle. For aggressive tax collection defense and effective long-term solutions, contact a lawyer. Do not try to deal with the IRS on your own.

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