Howard always gives 110%. He is very conscientious and careful to do everything properly. I have always known Howard to be an honest, ethical person.— H.S.

Howard Lazarus is a bright, conscientious and hard working lawyer who would be an asset to anyone. I would recommend him. — W.D.

Howard Lazarus was very helpful and professional. As a result of his efforts, I was able to complete the work I needed done. He turned a frustrating situation into a successful one. I would like to commend Mr. Lazarus for his first-rate assistance. He went the extra mile for me and I appreciate it. — J.K.

I take pride and pleasure in recommending Howard Lazarus most highly. He has assisted me in a wide variety of business and personal matters, and I have come to respect and appreciate his legal knowledge, judgment and keen professional instinct. Howard Lazarus is exceptionally intelligent, resourceful and tenacious. His boundless enthusiasm and positive managerial style bring out the very best qualities of those around him. In addition to being capable and dedicated, he is honest, straightforward and reliable. I recommend him wholeheartedly. — W.D.

I have found Howard to be intelligent, yet sensitive and giving to those around him. — R.D.

Captain Lazarus was most considerate, patient and effective. As a result of his efforts, I was able to complete my federal and state tax forms and get them in on time. — R.M.

Your dedication and competence were key elements in attaining our goals. Your approach was very successful. Because of your innovative approach, diligence in managing all aspects of the program and insistence on quality, your program was a tremendous service to your clientele. — M.S., District Director, IRS

I just want to commend Howard Lazarus on his diligence and dedication in serving us. I would also like to nominate Howard for an OSCAR award. Kudos to Howard on his diligence in the face of several obstacles and a job well done. — N.S.

Howard’s willingness to pitch in and help was certainly appreciated by me and I wanted to let you know that his assistance was instrumental in helping. — D.A.

I would absolutely trust Howard with all my most precious possessions. Howard is profoundly dedicated to the law. He has the highest ethical standards. I have complete faith and trust in his integrity. — R.R.

Howard is a responsible hard working man. I consider him reliable, honest and a person of significant integrity. Howard loves the law and is not only a student of the law but a very hard working professional whose ethical and moral standards are the highest. — S.K.

I have known Howard Lazarus to be a highly ethical individual who always conducts himself under personal standards considerably more demanding than the norm. Howard’s knowledge, skills and maturity equip him to be a significant asset. Howard’s work is thorough, well-documented and proves very useful. Howard is consistently reliable. I have found Howard’s work to be of excellent quality and have found Howard to present himself in a manner with the highest responsibility. He has continually expressed a sensitivity to people of diverse and disadvantaged circumstances. His interests have been directed towards the pursuit of social betterment. — L.L.

When it is my good fortune to consult with a person who possesses not only expertise, but an ethical good will — come patience and pleasantness — I say, “Thank God for this caring soul in my life.” From the most modest position to the ace fighter pilot or space scientist — all tasks will be more effective/successful due to the support/advice engendered by persons of your professional caliber, Captain Lazarus. The quality of your knowledge and wisdom portrays your awareness of before whom you stand. God. Country. Humanity. Thank you for sharing with me and for caring about me.” — B.B.